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Why Consider Kalamazoo Outdoors?

Kalamazoo was founded in 1906 as Kalamazoo Sheet Metal. Along the way it changed hands and its name to Kalamazoo Grill, then later rebranded again to Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Today, more than 110 years later, Kalamazoo manufactures the most high-quality, well-designed, and fun appliances, from grills and pizza ovens, to smokers and refrigerators for the luxury, at-home, outdoor cooking experience.

Each Kalamazoo piece is custom-designed and handmade just for you, so you can design your entire outdoor entertaining space around your choice of appliances and cabinetry. The Kalamazoo design team is truly unlike any other. For starters, they will come to your home - at no cost to you, and help you design the perfect outdoor entertainment space. Their attention to detail is unmatched, as they weave together the environmental elements of your space such as wind direction, sun/shade, and the layout of your yard, together with your style of entertaining, what kind of memories you want to make, and the neighborhood grill-master accolades you seek and deserve.

Kalamazoo Sheet Metal was originally known for welding to the "dairy standard". For sanitary purposes, only the smoothest handmade welds are acceptable for storing dairy for commercial purposes, and Kalamazoo takes immense pride in applying this same level of hand-welding craftsmanship to each of their grills today. Their appliances are also weatherproof and so well-built that Kalamazoo happily offers a transferable 25-year warranty.

In addition to superior design and quality, Kalamazoo also understands that spending time in your outdoor kitchen is supposed to be fun. They also understand that sometimes ‘having fun’ means ‘playing with fire’. To increase your happiness, they’ve outfitted their grills with three separate fuel sources - gas, charcoal, and wood, and you can fire up all at the same time! Don’t worry about losing any eyebrows because they've also included enhanced safety features that practically eliminate flare-ups and keep the fire where it belongs - inside the grill. Other premium components that set these grills and appliances apart include advanced air circulation, cooking surfaces, burners, ignitions, and easy cleaning. They also include an amazing cookbook with recipes and cooking guides.

When you purchase a Kalamazoo kitchen, you get so much more than appliances and cabinetry. This iconic brand, with more than 110 years of cooking history, inspires its users to explore a wide range of cooking and grilling styles. Want to grill fish? Check. Bake bread? Check? Cook pizza? Check. Play with fire? Check. Even more than that, Kalamazoo Gourmet Outdoor kitchens come with a built-in community, from access to superior design support and customer service, to a community of other grill masters with whom to share fun tips and tricks...and even a little glory.

Pop Culture Kalamazoo:

Wolfgang Puck does his outdoor cooking on a Kalamazoo grill.

Are Kalamazoo Grills Good?

Kalamazoo designs and manufactures the best grills, pizza ovens, and other outdoor cooking appliances out there. If you want to create the premier cooking and entertaining experience for your outdoor space, with the perfect trifecta of quality, design, and play, backed up by superior customer service, look no further than Kalamazoo.

Is Kalamazoo Considered a High-End Brand?

Kalamazoo grills and outdoor appliances are the absolute top of the line. They offer the most expensive grill out there, and each unit is carefully designed and built to meet each customer’s unique cooking and entertaining specifications. In a league of luxury entirely their own, Forbes magazine has gone so far as to call them the “Rolls Royce” of grills.

Who Makes Kalamazoo Appliances & Where are They Made?

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet was acquired in 2005 by Synetro Group, a private equity firm based in Chicago, Illinois. They design and manufacture all grills, appliances and cooking products in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Where Can I Find Kalamazoo Appliances On Sale?

Kalamazoo Gourmet Outdoor appliances can be purchased directly from Kalamazoo, or visit through a reputable showroom such as Designer Appliances.

How to Take Care of Your Kalamazoo Appliances

You’ll want to take extra special care of your Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet appliances. For instance, you’ll want to clean the burners and surfaces of your grill at least once a year. You’ll also want to prepare your grills and other appliances for the winter months.

The Kalamazoo website has excellent resources regarding the care and maintenance of their products. Click the link and scroll all the way to the bottom. In the bottom left side website footer you’ll see a section called “Care” where you can select your product line, or you choose information specifically related to winterization of your appliances.

Where To Buy Kalamazoo Outdoors

Looking for the best place to shop for Kalamazoo Outdoors? Designer Appliances is an authorized Kalamazoo dealer and our large Kalamazoo showcase gives you a unique opportunity to get a hands-on look at Kalamazoo's entire product lineup.

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