Join Our Trade Program

At Designer Appliances, we understand that the journey of purchasing and installing appliances is as crucial as the product itself. In a world where things can go awry, especially with the delivery and installation of large, heavy appliances, our focus remains unwavering on providing exceptional service. We recognize that challenges are part of the process, but our dedication sets us apart. We pride ourselves on having the industry's best crews, skilled and equipped to handle the intricacies of appliance logistics with professionalism and efficiency. Choosing Designer Appliances means opting for a seamless experience, where the quality of service matches the excellence of the products we offer.

  • Earn Commissions: Receive competitive commissions for your referrals and projects.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Enjoy a variety of rewards tailored to your professional needs.
  • Specialized Training: Access comprehensive training to enhance your expertise in appliance selection and integration.
  • Priority Access to Events: Get exclusive invites to special events, workshops, and showcases.
  • Smooth Appliance Delivery and Installation: Rely on hassle-free, top-quality delivery and installation services for your projects.
  • Personalized Account Representation: Benefit from a dedicated account representative for personalized, industry-leading service.
  • Build Strong Relationships: Foster professional connections and collaborations within the industry.
  • Elevate Your Reputation: Enhance your professional image with the seamless integration of high-quality appliances in your projects.
  • Access to Latest Trends and Products: Stay ahead with early access to the newest appliance trends and products.
  • Supportive Network: Be part of a supportive community of professionals, sharing insights and experiences.