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Why Consider Wolf Appliances?

Wolf ranges are truly iconic. With their easily recognizable red knobs, and their classic stainless steel design, they are a visually impressive statement piece for your at-home gourmet kitchen. But it’s not just about having a pretty face. Wolf ranges are the epitome of professional-grade, residential cooking in terms of heat and control.

Founded in 1934 as a home range repair and reconditioning service, the Wolf brothers, Al and Hyman, quickly expanded their company into the manufacture and sale of commercial ranges. They were so successful that by 1970 they had moved into the manufacture of gourmet, professional ranges for the home. Fast forward to the year 2000 when the residential side of the Wolf brand was acquired by Sub Zero. Yep, that Sub Zero. This was a perfect match because Sub Zero and Wolf each have long histories of quality and rigorous standards in design and engineering quality, as well as exceptional customer service. Bringing Sub Zero refrigerators, Wolf ranges and ovens, and later Cove dishwashers together under one company has allowed them to offer a complete gourmet kitchen experience to the home.

Wolf in the World

There is an almost endless list of well-known folks who have Wolf appliances in their homes, from Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, to Ellen DeGeneres, to Ralph Lauren, to Elton John. For style inspiration, visit their online kitchen design gallery, their kitchen design contest, or check in with appliances that are currently in development.

Are Wolf Appliances Good?

Wolf ranges, ovens and other appliances are the best in the world. Additionally, the Sub Zero, Wolf and Cove brands care deeply about each of their customers. They have a long, combined history of understanding and designing appliances specifically for the at-home gourmet chef. They back their reputation up with stellar customer service.

Is Wolf Considered a High-End Brand?

Wolf is at the top of the heap when it comes to high-end brands. If you want a range in your kitchen that not only offers an extraordinary cooking experience, but also conveys the message that you are a person with extraordinary access, class and appreciation for the finer things, then look no further.

Who Makes Wolf Appliances & Where are They Made?

Wolf residential ranges and ovens, Sub Zero refrigerators and Cove dishwashers are all owned and manufactured by the Sub Zero company. Headquartered in Wisconsin, they manufacture all of their machines at the factories in Arizona and Wisconsin. Sub Zero is a privately owned company, and is run by the grandson of the original founder.

Where Can I Find Wolf Appliances On Sale?

Wolf ranges, ovens, cooktops and other appliances can be found at many reputable dealers throughout the country. Visit the showroom locator page on the Sub Zero website to locate someone in your area. If you are in New Jersey, Designer Appliances has your Wolf needs covered. Book a visit to our showroom, speak to us over the phone, or you can even live chat with us on our website.

How to Take Care of Your Wolf Appliances

Wolf ranges are designed to meet commercial style cooking at home, so they’re pretty rugged. That said, proper care of your Wolf appliances will extend the longevity and lifespan of your appliance, while also protecting the resale value of your home. To get specific information regarding how to clean and maintain your Wolf range, oven, cooktop or other appliance, you can visit the Use and Care page on the Sub Zero website, or you can call the customer service line directly, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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Looking for the best place to shop for Wolf Appliances? Designer Appliances is an authorized Wolf dealer and our large Wolf showcase gives you a unique opportunity to get a hands-on look at Wolf's entire product lineup.

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    Call 1-800-944-2904. Visit the Wolf parts and accessories page to search for specific items, or click on ‘promotions’ to see what’s new. Create a MyWolf account to receive discounts on parts and accessories for your home appliances.