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Microwaves use electromagnetism to vibrate a food's molecules, building up thermal energy and cooking it. Designer Appliances has all of the best brands in stock, including Sharp, Frigidaire, Viking, GE, Bosch and dozens more.

For many dishes, microwaves cook much faster than a traditional oven and are perfect for smaller snacks like popcorn. Microwaves come in all shapes and sizes and can be mounted above a range, sit atop a counter space or even be built into the cabinetry. Different models feature varying controls. Some have preset functions for specific foods like baked potatoes, an array of power options for more temperature control or a timer function so you can cook the dish exactly as long as you need.

Some models feature non-stick interiors for easy cleaning, sensors for more precise cook times and fans for a convection feature. Microwaves can vary in size, from a small unit for a finished basement kitchenette to a large model with removable racks and a few cubic feet of volume. Whether you're looking to defrost or make a meal, microwaves come in a variety of styles and colors. Some are made of sleek, stainless steel - perfect for matching other home appliances - while others are subtly classic with black or white metal exteriors.

Microwave drawers are a specialty product line under this category. We compared the best microwave drawer models in our in-depth article. Contact us with your questions and special pricing requests. Or visit us in our appliance stores in Bedminster or Montclair New Jersey.