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A range is the all-in-one cooking center of your kitchen. This appliance is found in so many kitchens because of its versatility and unending usefulness. You can bake, broil or cook every meal on the unit that combines a stovetop, oven, broiler and often a storage area for pans and baking sheets. Whether you use electric, natural gas or propane, there are a variety of options that will let you use your range as the centerpiece of your kitchen. Many ranges feature self-cleaning modes in the oven, so you'll never have to worry about scrubbing it out to have a clean cooking space.

Electric ranges can feature coiled stovetop burners or flat, glass ceramic surfaces that give you extra counter space. On the other hand, gas stovetops provide homeowners with chef-like temperature precision for complex dish preparation. Some ovens feature a convection feature that uses heated air for more even baking. Other ranges come with multiple oven compartments for those who prepare large meals and need to simultaneously bake at different temperatures.

Ranges come in all shapes and sizes - so you won't have any trouble finding one to fit your kitchen. Ranges also vary in color, so you can get a pearly white porcelain finish or a stainless-steel exterior to match all of your other appliances.