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Editorial Process


Over the years, we have helped upwards of 300,000 people find the perfect appliances for their homes. Since we’re one of the first stops for people during the shopping phase and the final installer on a remodel site, we have first-hand expertise on how to tackle your remodel project from start to finish.

But even more than just working in the industry we love to geek out over appliances. You can often find us testing out the live appliances in our showroom. From grilling on our Lynx grill on a warm summer day to baking cookies in our Wolf oven around the holidays, we love experimenting with new products. And if we’re excited about the results? We’re inspired to create reviews for our blog and YouTube channel.

We’re always looking for ways to get our team hands-on experience with products before we recommend them to you. We regularly take trips to manufacturer showrooms, factories and engage in training programs, both in-person and virtually.

Our blog and YouTube channel answer detailed questions from 1,000,000 visitors a month. We’re able to connect with our customers in a unique way, as we’ve personally tested many of the products we recommend in both our homes and our New Jersey showrooms. And the products we haven’t been lucky enough to get our hands on? We’ve personally spoken to both the manufacturers and real-life customers to make an informed recommendation.

As a matter of fact, we don’t only recommend the appliances that we sell. Many of the products we love are available at other retailers. But we believe in recommending only the best products on the market, and we’ll never recommend a product that we don’t believe in 100%.

At the end of the day, we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We know how frustrating it can be to sort through manufacturer jargon to determine which features you need, and which features are just an added bonus. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make the process quick, easy…..and fun!


Because our friends and family know we’re in the appliance business, they constantly ask us for our recommendations. We started our blog in 2018 as a way to answer some of these questions in a more in-depth way. We’ll never recommend a product to our customers that we wouldn’t recommend to our family members. We want you to be thrilled with your selections, because to us, you’re family.

In the beginning, our blog was sort of like a hobby. We enjoyed creating content, but never imagined we’d begin to grow a national audience of loyal users. The more visitors we got, the more content we created and updated. And thus, our content creation process was born!

A few short years later, we now have over one million unique visitors across our digital platforms. Our “Best Of” guides cover the most current and reliable choices across each and every appliance category. However, we’ll never go out of our way to speak ill about any brand (so if you don’t see a prominent brand mentioned in our know why).

We also offer brand-specific reviews, where we highlight why a specific brand might be the right choice for your home. That being said, we’ll always be honest and transparent with any issues we find amongst brands.

Because we want to help make your dream home a reality, we also offer guides on entertaining, cooking, decorating, and renovating. Home appliances are a big investment. That’s why we want to help you make the most of each and every product in your home.

So, how do we make money from our blog? We’re paid through ads and sponsored links from reputable link exchanges. If affiliate marketing links are included in an article, we’ll always mention that upfront.

In terms of reliability, our articles are crafted by our team of appliance experts and checked by our editorial board. We’re not a newspaper, but we take great pride in providing our users with the most accurate and in-depth guides on the internet. Our online presence is an extension of the knowledgeable personal recommendations you can expect to receive from the staff in our showrooms.

In addition to being an appliance expert, our editor Stephanie Pitera is a journalism nerd as well. You can rest assured that each and every piece of content is put through a rigorous fact-checking process before publication. If you ever come across any errors, please reach out to Stephanie [email protected]